July 2012 Newsletter


I am chatting to solicitors and manageing agents about hosting seminars from September and it really is encouraging how my seminar days have caught on as they raise the profiles and make a fun and informative networking day which is inexpensive to host.

Please contact me for more information.

August is historically a sleepy month for property sales as most of us have holidays and new school terms and university on our minds but a colleague of mine in the east Midlands located a shop with living accommodation for sale in a tertiary location last week.

If the sun was shining and business booming we could have got A3 change of use and the unit could have yielded about 11% however this one required some updating and when all was done it would have yielded about 7%.

Not too exciting in the location that it was in so my friend had another word with the vendors who were hard on their selling price.

Sadly this is a recurring theme and seller’s expectations don’t match the market.

I am an advocate of auctions as this will not only ensure a swift sale but achieve a realistic selling price.

In September I am a guest speaker at the Manchester based Muslim Jewish Business Forum and I am really looking forward to a great night. My co speaker is the litigation lawyer Emma Nawaz from Blackstones Solicitors in Hale, Cheshire and we met up for coffee last week. Please contact me if you would like to attend.

The draft publicity was sent to me for my approval and the reviews about me were so glowing I thought that they were about someone else.

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