The Property Investment Experts

Great Oak Capital Limited have an insatiable appetite for quality land for social housing and new build hotels:

Residential land with or without consent

Sites for new build hotels in England or Wales

Commercial brown field, green field and even contaminated land wanted for our industrial parks development projects. Ideal size would be 1-3 acres but we will look at bigger.

Development Projects

The only way is Modular and we are working with the experts.

Our partners’ development teams have successfully constructed 15 new build hotels in the UK for Hilton, Holiday Inn and Marriott.

They have also built University halls of residence and now together with our team they are building new houses and apartments all steel framed and BSEN 1090 compliant.

Contact Mike on 07874 160944 for the full information.

Investors Rehab and Recruitment Consultancy

We undertake private consultancy for one day, one project or as an ongoing relationship.

For example we can work with you on:

  • A development project and help you select a team and strategy
  • Look at your property requirements
  • Examine your current funding but as we are not licenced we would consider bringing in a third party
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial re-allignment
  • Joint venture partnerships

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Business Networking

I have always enjoyed Networking. Meeting people, helping them to resolve issues in their business or work life whilst finding an angle that could benefit me, long or short term.

I am an ‘A lister’ and a ‘connector’. I am also a ‘gatekeeper’ and as you progress with the course you will learn how my experiences benefit you. It is not a quick fix solution but a wonderful fulfilling way of life.

Please visit my special business networking site

The course will benefit you immensely, helping you to advance your career and job prospects. You will learn how to present yourself, to gain the trust and respect of others. How to behave at events and improve your-self-esteem also how to maintain contact.

It was a chance encounter that got me into lecturing on Business Networking at Universities and I am happy to run seminars and workshops for companies and groups of business people. Unlike some presenter’s, I have built my network to enhance my business rather than build a business around presentations.

Read my blog posts, like me on social media, follow me on Twitter and register for my newsletter this will all enhance the experience.

Contact Mike: e: or m: 07874 160944