Private consultancy and Investors re-hab

We undertake private consultancy for one day, one project or as an ongoing relationship.

After highlighting areas of concern and improvement we work closely to ensure that your business maintains high standards and profitabilty.

For example we can work with you on:

  • A development project and help you select a team and strategy
  • Look at your property requirements
  • Examine your current funding but as we are not licenced we would consider bringing in a third party
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial re-allignment
  • Office and admin practices

Corporate Integration Consultancy

Strategic planning is the key to success for any company entering the UK and Europe as we are a unique, old established culture.

The bespoke consultancy service that we offer is about working with companies, enabling them to expand successfully and to integrate into that business culture.

We establish a working partnership at the highest executive level, bringing together the key elements of their strategy and assisting them in formulating a deliverable successful plan based around their current working programmes.

Headed by Michael Samuels a businessman with more than fifty years of diverse business experience covering education, property development and internet marketing, his ‘tribe’ includes selective specialists from his extensive network who will be called upon to work within the team to deliver on behalf of the client.

Companies also require a knowledgeable and respected team of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, bankers and a host of other specialist consultants and agencies in order to ensure a successful business integration.

Working with our clients we select the professionals most suited to enhancing the delivery of successful UK integration.

Contact Mike: e: or p: 07874 160944

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