August 2012 Newsletter

Private consultancy is the backbone of our business and you will be surprised how much we achieve with our clients in just a few well constructed hours.

Solicitors and Property Manageing Agencies are taking our morning networking seminars very seriously. Light and interactive they keep clients updated with the work of the host, the latest eyebrow raising business expansion ideas from me and some updates on the finance front.

Please call me on 07874 160944 to find out more.

I was reading an article the other day which stated that 60 per cent of landlords are looking to increase their portfolios in the next 6 months. Both the Manchester Building Society and the Post Office announced that they are increasing their lending in this sector during the last couple of days.

The astute landlord will expand but should develop a clear strategic plan and that is one of the services that we offer. Should they stay in standard houses and flats or should they be looking into HMO’s which give a higher return, but at what cost.

Landlords are also turning towards professional property management service’s as there are growing advantages in using the services of a company which understands the ever changing and complex legislation.

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